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Nội dung đề thi


1: I am not surprised _________ his school results. He is too lazy to succeed in school.

A. in                               B. at                               C. for                             D. from

 2: "__________ going on a picnic this weekend?"     "That's great!"

A. How about                B. Why don't we            C. Let's                          D. Would you like

3: Blue whales are in danger of becoming ________ due to hunting and pollution.

A. extinct                       B. devastating                C. significant                 D. diverse

4: Wild animals living in their natural habitat will have a better and longer life than those _________ in protected areas.

A. keeping                     B. are kept                     C. which are kept           D. which keep

5: Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.

A. conservation              B. disappearance            C. independence            D. establishment

6: Salt and ice can be used to _________ food.

A. preserve                     B. contaminate               C. pollute                       D. include

7: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

A. comb                         B. climb                         C. doubt                         D. suburb

8: Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.

A. wilderness                 B. consequence              C. rainforest                   D. survival

9: _________ this car _________ last year?

A. Did / buy                   B. Was / bought             C. Has / bought              D. Has / been bought

10: "Do you agree that life on earth will have changed a great deal by the end of the next century?"


A. Yes, we do.               B. Yes, I think so.          C. No, I wouldn't.          D. Yes, it might.

11: You ignored my advice, so you got into trouble.

A. If you wouldn't have ignored my advice, you hadn't got into trouble.

B. If you don't ignore my advice, you won't get into trouble.

C. If you didn't ignore my advice, you wouldn't get into trouble.

D. If you hadn't ignored my advice, you wouldn't have got into trouble.

12: We got to the station in time to catch the train. If we _________ it, we _________ late for the meeting.

A. missed/ would be                                             B. miss/ will be

C. had missed/ would have been                          D. missed/ would have been

13: In national parks, threatened plants and animals can be protected from the _________ influence of human beings.

A. destroy                      B. destroyed                  C. destructive                D. destruction

14: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

A. modernized               B. watched                    C. enjoyed                     D. mentioned

Reading comprehension: Read the text and choose the best answer (from 15 to 19).

Conservation conflicts arise when natural-resource shortages develop in the face of steadily increasing demands from a growing human population. Controversy frequently surrounds how a resource should be used, or allocated, and for whom. For example, a river may supply water for agricultural irrigation, habitat for fish, and water-generated electricity for a factory. Farmers, fishers, and industry leaders vie for unrestricted access to this river, but such freedom could destroy the resource, and conservation methods are necessary to protect the river for future use.

Conflicts worsen when a natural resource crosses political boundaries. For example, the headwaters, or source, of a major river may be located in a different country than the country through which the river flows. There is no guarantee that the river source will be protected to accommodate resource needs downstream. In addition, the way in which one natural resource is managed has a direct effect upon other natural resources. Cutting down a forest near a river, for instance, increases erosion, the wearing-away of topsoil, and can lead to flooding. Eroded soil and silt cloud the river and adversely affect many organisms such as fish and important aquatic plants that require clean, clear freshwater for survival.

15: Which word in the reading means "living or growing in, happening in, or connected with water"?

     A. necessary                      B. major                      C. fresh                       D. aquatic

16: When do conflicts decline?

A. When a natural resource crosses political boundaries.

B. When freedom could destroy the resource.

C. When natural-resource shortages decrease.

D. When eroded soil and silt affect many organisms.

17: What may bring water to agricultural irrigation?

A. erosion                      B. topsoil                       C. a river                        D. a forest

18: Which sentence below is NOT correct?

A. Conservation methods are incidental to care for the river for future use.

B. A river may provide water for agricultural irrigation, habitat for fish, and water-generated electricity for a factory.

C. Farmers, fishers and industry leaders vie for open access to the river.

D. Argument often surrounds how a resource should be used, or allocated, and for whom.

19: What is the passage above mainly about?

A. Conservation conflicts                                     B. The headwaters of a major river

C. Agricultural irrigation                                      D. Natural-resource shortages

Cloze test: Choose the word that best fits the blank space in the following passage (from 20 to 24).

National Parks and Preserves, unique public lands or bodies of water within a country, set aside by the (20)_______ to protect ecosystems, plant and animal species, scenic landscapes, geologic formations, or historical or archaeological sites.

National parks are managed primarily for public recreation, providing exceptional locations where visitors can view wildlife and enjoy the outdoors. Generally, these protected public lands are off-limits to hunting, livestock grazing, logging, mining, and other activities that exploit natural resources. Some parks commemorate significant historical events. (21)______, Gettysburg National Military Park (1895) in Pennsylvania conserves the 13 sq km (5 sq mi) site of the pivotal battle in the American Civil War (1861-1865).

National preserves, sometimes (22)______ nature or wildlife reserves, are often located within or near national parks. These lands are managed by national governments primarily for wildlife protection or scientific research instead of recreation, and provide "living laboratories" in (23)_____ scientists observe plant and animal species in their natural habitat. Hunting, fishing, and mining are permitted within many United States preserves if the activities do not harm natural resources. Many other countries specifically ban such activities in their  (24)_______.

 20:            A. hospital                 B. school                    C. country                 D. government

 21:            A. In fact                   B. Moreover              C. However               D. For example

 22:            A. told                       B. considered            C. called                    D. known

 23:            A. whom                   B. that                        C. which                    D. what

 24:            A. places                    B. preserves               C. lands                     D. countries


Choose the underlined part (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting

25. If had you sent the application form to that company, you would have been offered a job.

A. had you sent

B. to that company

C. would have been

D. a job

26. Erosion, which washes away valuable topsoil, can prevent by planting trees and grass.

A. washes

B. can prevent

C. by

D. grass

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